Mech B4

Alex haining mech001

Front View (Iray)

Alex haining mech005

Side View (Iray)

Alex haining mech006

Back View (Iray)

Low texture due to size

Partial Model - High texture

Alex haining mecht001

T Pose, Poly Paint

Alex haining mecht005

T Pose, Low Topology

Alex haining screenshot002


This is my first time ever working with Z brush and substance painter, not to mention Marmoset. I really wanted to push myself as far as possible within the time frame I was allocated for this project. My background has been in Maya and I wanted to learn a new pipeline for my third-year 3D project resulting in this final model. Specifically, this character was made with Zbrush and textured with substance painter. I know this model is not perfect by any means however, it has been a great learning experience! I would love to re-work this piece and build upon it with the skills that I have encompassed to give an even better standard of work.
Thank for your time and please feel free to leave any feedback.