Abandoned Train Station

Alex haining final

Final - Mental Ray

Alex haining 6

WIP - Based on 1940s style Station, Britain

Alex haining 2


Alex haining 1

WIP - Wireframe

Alex haining 7

WIP - Mental Ray

Alex haining 8

Matte Painting - Photoshop

Alex haining 5

Coal Carriage

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1940 Dodge Truck

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Alex haining 15032166 713877432104495 7395230788690846007 n

This was a set extension piece I made back in my earlier years of Maya 2016, before I knew how to use substance painter. It was a Uni assignment to extend the building on the right however you visualised it. I chose train stations around world war 2 era for my inspiration. I texture had everything by matte painting in Photoshop.

I also reproduced 1940 dodge truck from reference images in the background that I had also made in the same method.